We combine carefully cultivated local knowledge with an innovative approach to bring the highest quality administrative services to businesses, NGOs, international schools and individuals seeking to study, intern, work, consult, volunteer, or retire in Kenya.

  • Obtain Travel Visa, Dependent Passes, Multiple Entry Visas

  • Student & Internship Passes, Reentry Passess, Alien Cards

  • Acquiring Permanent Residence Status or Kenyan Citizenship

  • Company Registration & Legal Filing Services

  • NGO Registrations & Incidentals

  • KRA & NTSA Applications, Obtaining or Converting Driver's Licenses

  • Messenger and Parcel Courier Services

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Accelerate your real estate investments
with actionable guidance
from experienced local advisors.

Sobenna Consultants provides full service support to international real estate enterprises all across Kenya. Watch your company's efficiency skyrocket with the support of our seasoned on-the-ground operatives and robust international support team.

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Our Story

Sobenna got its start over ten years ago when I was speaking with a very frustrated friend who was nearly to the point of tears. Like many travelers, entrepreneurs, and even well established corporations, they had discovered that setting out to achieve their goals was not as straightforward or intuitive as it had been for them in their home country. Without the proper local guidance, they found themselves often going in circles or at a dead end. Having lived and studied in both the UK and the Netherlands, I understood how important local expert knowledge can be to successful settlement in a foreign country.

From that conversation blossomed a small business with a clear focus on providing premium quality services to guide individuals and organizations to success in Kenya. Over the past decade, we have grown to serve the needs of businesses, NGOs, international schools, and more. A prime example of this philosophy is our door-to-door service; we will always happily serve our clients at the comfort and convenience of their location.

Our competitive edge is our efficiency and professionality. We work only with trusted consultants and contractors who are leaders in their fields to ensure the highest quality service to our clients. Solving our clients' needs has always been the heart of our existence from the very beginning — to put it simply, we get it done!

Your experts:

Portrait of Moses Mufutu, Services Coordinator.

Moses Mufutu

Service Coordinator

Portrait of Beritah Lusweti, Legal Director.

Beritah Lusweti

Legal Director

Portrait of Rabeccah Nabwile, Managing Director.

Rabeccah Nabwile

Business Development Director

+ a robust network of reliable contractors on the ground

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We get it done.

The challenges that businesses, NGOs, international schools, and individuals can face when operating in Kenya are almost too numerous to count. Operating internationally can present challenges that no organization is prepared for.

That is where Sobenna Consultants comes in. We provide a range of administrative support services that give our clients the boost they need to advance their goals. Whatever your organization's needs, Sobenna is here to act as your trusted consultants and your convenient operative within Kenya.

Immigration & Travel Services

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Visa Consultation

There are many difficult waters to navigate when applying for a visa for foreign travel in Kenya. Avoid unnecessary expense and headache by letting our seasoned experts guide you to the right choice, the first time!

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Obtaining Legal Documents

Our legal experts will ensure an easy process for your organization to obtain all classes of permits, alien cards, Permanent Residence, Kenyan citizenship, and more. We are here to help you obtain any necessary legal documents in Kenya.

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Travel Arrangements

We are there for you and your organization through every step of your travels. Our team will gladly assist you in arranging your travel needs in Kenya, and beyond. Speak with a trusted advisor today to start your journey.

Administrative Support Services

A helping hand,
available when you need it.

Our flexible administrative support services assist your business functions to operate, flourish, and generate revenue. Our administrative support services are used by companies of all sizes, providing them with an essential back-office and remote work team. Let us clear your to-do list.

  • Company Registration & Legal Filing Services

  • PIN Applications

  • Acquiring & Conversion of Driver's Licenses

  • Vehicle Registrations

  • Courier Services

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Marketing & Communications Services

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Diverse Advertising Options

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to putting you in front of your customers. From Facebook & Instagram Ads, YouTube, Google AdWords, and TikTok Ads to newspapers, magazines, radio, and much more — Sobenna will gladly work with the advertising medium of your choosing. We will bring your vision into reality, and then lead your customers into that reality.

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Knowledgeable, Local Support

Our team can provide you first-class insight into the Kenyan market, boosting your return on marketing investments and ensuring that your message is heard and understood, no matter where you're operating from. Whether you are an NGO wishing to reach the right local audience or a company wishing to bring a product to the Kenyan market, our expertise can lend a crucial insight to your marketing efforts.

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Social Media and Content Marketing

Take advantage of our skilled team of social media marketers to lift your customers' online experience to the next level. Our content marketing team will produce engaging content that is designed to bring customers back, again and again. And our social media management team can provide a prompt response to your customers' social media engagements.

Protect your investments from anywhere with our property management services.

Managing properties can be a time consuming and arduous task even when operating within the confines of a single country. For ambitious investors who look beyond their own backyard, there are even more rewards and even more obstacles.
We offer reliable, full time property management services to help protect your investments and ensure a stable return. Our team has the experience and understanding of the community and local laws to ensure your properties are attractive to clients and profitable for you.

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We offer a wide variety of real estate services to meet our clients needs:

  • Property Valuation

  • Real Estate Sales and Purchase

  • Residential & Commercial Property Management

  • Short Term Rental Management

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Navigate purchases and leasing with professional guidance.

We have the expertise to help you find, negotiate and purchase property, whether it be for yourself or for your portfolio. Skip the hassle of becoming an expert in local real estate laws and processes, and let us take you from beginning to the point of sale as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are starting an international portfolio or simply seeking a new or vacation home in Kenya, our seasoned agents will pursue all possible avenues to secure you the best property at the best value.

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Rabeccah Nabwile

Rabeccah Nabwile is a business communication specialist. Her focus is on international trade and investments. She has over 15 years of experience working across borders; Tanzania, Zimbabwe, The Netherlands and Kenya. She holds an MBA from Bradford University in the UK and she’s currently preparing her research studies in management of international businesses and trade. She believes that when small businesses get enough support as a result of good policies, Africa will not have to strive for any kind of aid. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and coaches others on the need of being fit. She comfortably finishes a full marathon, and she’s very keen on her diet. During her free time, if she’s not sporting, she will be enjoying a nice non-fiction book, listening to Rhumba music or she will be on twitter analysing public affairs. She’s a mother of 3 energetic children and a mentor to many.

Beritah Lusweti

Beritah N. Lusweti is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She has sufficient legal experience in Immigration Law, Property, Conveyancing, Landlord & Tenant Law, Family Law & Succession Matters, General Commercial Law and General Practice including Litigation as when it arises. She leads Sobenna’s legal department. She holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law. During her free time, she spends time with friends discussing about social issues over good food and music. She also engages in offering legal advice to the members of the society on a probono basis from time to time.

Moses Mufutu

Moses Mufutu is an Immigration Criminology Official. He has experience in immigration policies and laws. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology and security studies from Egerton University in Kenya. During his free time, he enjoys analysing political issues, participating in public issues debates or listening to his favourite reggae music.

Jan Karel Sorgedrager

Jan Karel is an international development specialist. He has over 30 years of experience working across the globe: Asia, Africa and South America. He has extensive knowledge of Kenya's international space. He plays an advisory role in Sobenna's day to day operations. He holds a master of science degree from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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